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    A rebuildable atomizer has the potential to remake yourself your resistance , according to several montages. There are two types , the most common is rebuildable atomizer of "Tank" type that contains a reservoir of e -liquid up to 4 - 5ml . As a clearomizer , where the wick is of steel fabric e - absorbing liquid in the reservoir to bring the resistance . The repairable atomizer "dry " type has no e -liquid tank , its disadvantage is that we regularly put e -liquid a few drops on the strands . To redo the resistance of a rebuildable atomizer , you will need the resistive wire ( Kanthal , Nichrome or Inox ... ) for the heating system and a wick ( silica fiber , fiberglass or even cotton) for the e- liquid is supplied on the resistance of the atomizer reconstructible . The " lock " can be likened to a plate of stainless steel cloth (called mesh) to form a montage of "Genesis " type , capillarity will generally improved compared to a system lock but more difficult to achieve . The rebuildable atomizer is reserved for the most passionate and meticulous because of their complexity vapoteurs , short circuits can be USIT and cause rapid deterioration of a battery or Mod. A rebuildable atomizer is also more expensive to purchase , but the sensations are very appreciated by vapoteurs system, they will also be more profitable than consumables preassembled term.

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Showing 1 - 22 of 165 items